Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas sparkles

Hi everyone

So we are nearly at Christmas and I've got to be honest I do sometimes find Christmas itself a little stressful (maybe I'll explain why in another post) however what I do love about Christmas is that it gives me a reason to add sparkles to everything! The first thing has to be my nails and I've found a great one this year, it's the Barry M Nail paint.

It's really thick so gives a really good coverage and so many sparkles. It come out on your nails a greeny blue colour with silvery bits. The only thing I would say is that's it is a bit flaky after a few coats.

Also pictured is the Morrisons nail varnish remover which is also cruelty free and very cheap it's a really good cheap basic. It's gentle on my nails and doesn't damage the the top layer

All in all a really ggood Christmas party duo!

Have a good one