Sunday, 19 June 2016

Soothing Sunday's - With the help of Lush

Hi everyone

So this post for Soothing Sundays has come out of a very non soothing event.

On Wednesday I went out for dinner for a leaving do with work. On my way home I called my boyfriend to say I was on the way home and he was a little stressed. The glass shower screen had fallen out of the bracket and smashed all over my bathroom. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

This was stressful for a number of reasons: 
1. It's glass and my boyfriend was about to get in the bath so a few moment later the glass would have landed on his head as well as my doggys head (she's never far behind wherever we are).

2. It's a brand new bathroom, fitted a few weeks before we went on holiday.

3. I can't have a shower

Number 3 may see a bit strange but I am a big fan of showers and not so much of baths. I can see how they are relaxing some of the time but for me I struggle to wash my hair as I have quite long hair and it's takes so long to fill up the bath so I really have to be in the mood.

However baths have now been forced upon me I thought I might as well take advantage and use some of my Lush products to help me relax before a big week at work. I love Lush, I love the smells, the products and how natural they are.

So for today's Soothing Sunday I have chosen the 'You've been Mangoed' to go in my bath, it smells amazing. It smells like mangos, lime and lemons it's a very refreshing smell. I have tried a number of Lush bath products but this is my favourite, they are bath oils so they don't dry the skin and leave a soft silky skin. I'm still not happy about the shower screen but at least I smell good.

Thanks for reading