Saturday, 25 June 2016

My top 5 beauty You Tubers

Hi everyone 

I've not talked about my favourite you tubers for a little while and seen as I get most of my favourites from other people favourites I wanted to share mine with you.

1. Inthefrow - this channel is actually focused on fashion but with an element of beauty but the videos she does are beauty I love. It is all high end products and as I tend to buy mostly high street I love to indulge in someone else's expensive purchases.

2. Babsbeauty - I really enjoy this channel as it is a little different from other channels as it really does focus solely on beauty and make up tutorials. I love the effort she goes in to for her looks and all the different colours she uses. It give me lots of inspiration.

3.Sharon Farrell - I find this channel really useful, she breaks down the looks really well and does specific looks for example small eye make up or oily skins make up.

4. Laura Lee - I love her personality, it just bubbles through in every video. I love her life hacks for beauty especially. There's also a lot of drug store make up looks which I love.

5. Manny MUA - love his looks so much. My most recently favourite one was the all over highlighter challange. I love the confidence and personality that comes through in his videos. 

I would 100% reccomend all of my top 5 favourite You Tubers, what are your favourite videos and You Tubers? 

Thanks for reading.