Sunday, 19 June 2016

Make up Monday's - Review of the Revolution pressed powder

Hi everyone

Welcome back to Make up Monday's. Today I want to talk about my new make up powder, the Revolution pressed power.

I normally always pick up the Collection face pressed powder. It's my go to product and it's always been really good. However last time I went to repurchase they didn't have the right colour for me and I was almost out so I had to branch out on my brands. I have recently brought the Revolution eyeshadow pallet and so I turned to this brand to see what they had to offer.

I really like this powder, it is smaller than the Collection one but so far has lasted me 3 weeks and I still can't see the metal casing so it's going well. It's very fine which means it covers really well over pores and lines. It doesn't seem to dry my skin out but does keep it matte. 

My favourite thing about it is actually the case, it comes with a little mirror on the back (underneath the the sticker) and also a little make up sponge for retouching throughout the day. It's really cute and compact so it sits really nicely in my hand bag and make up bag.

Best thing of all it is only £2. I think I may be converted!

Thanks for reading