Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Lush loves - Wishlist

Hi everyone

Before I went on holiday I did a whole load of shopping at Lush and I loved every bit of it but now my holiday is over and my Lush purchases have all been used it so it's time to look at what I Lush has to offer to get rid of my post holiday blues.

So this first product is categorised under the 'fun' section the Lush website which says it all to me. It's the Rainbow bar. It will apparently turn your bath a different colour each time and can also be mounded into different shapes which is great but actually also contained lemon oil which is really soothing on your skin and great for skin conditions. It just looks so good and would really brighten up the rainy it's of days.

Next I think this body scrub has the potential to do the job of getting rid of the holiday blues, it's such a lovely colour and as my skin is a little dry after holiday it's  just what I need. It contains black pepper and vanilla so a very interesting mix of fragrances but vanilla is one of my favourites. This would be perfect to scrub away the holiday blues.
Now don't recoil in horror but I've never tried a face mask from Lush, I don't know why I just haven't but I would like that to change. I've got my eye on the Love Lettuce. I mainly love the name but it also has some great ingredients including seaweed and almond however for me it's the Lavender content that added it to my list. I've used a number of face products before containing Lavender and they have really suited my skin.

Now please ignore the photo on this next product as it really doesn't do it justice but it's a hot oil treatment called Tangled. I dye my hair, straighten my hair and basically mistreat it (sorry hair) which leaves it weak and prone to tangles, this treatment is specifically designed for this, with oils to calms and strengthen the hair. This might rush straight to the top of my list.
The last one on my list I find a little weird but I'm really curious. It's the Beautiful wash sheet. These are quite expensive compared to the other bath and shower products but they really interest me. It's basically like a small towel that contains the products to wash with, this one is a melon fragrance and is used just like a normal soap or gel. I think I may buy this one just out of pure curiosity.

What is on your Lush Wishlist?

Thanks for reading