Saturday, 25 June 2016

Hair care empties

Hi everyone

Once again I've left my empties post for too long and I have A LOT. So I've broken it down into nice easy bite size posts and I thought haircare seemed like a good place to start. When I comes to haircare I'm a bit predictable now so I branched out a little bit (not too far but if it's not broken).

So the first empties I have are my shampoos and conditioners, I literally had about 10 empty bottles when I looked in my empties box but I've photoed the 2 different fragrances and they are Coconut and Sweet Almond and Raspberry and Macadamia. My preference is the Coconut ones as they seem creamier and more moisturising but the smell on the Raspberry ones is lovely. I have actually brought 2 new fragrances recently.

Next is my hair care and if you have read my blog before you will know that I love the Hair Therapy Oil with Argon so of course I have been using that but as I was going on holiday I wanted to make sure I had a few different hair oils as the sun drys my hair. So I went for the oil with Macadamia and the oil with coconut. They have also joined my love list. The Argon is my favourite smell still but I will be repurchasing the other 2 oils.

That's it for my haircare but look out for my body care and face empties. I told you I had a lot.

Thanks for reading.