Saturday, 25 June 2016

My fashion wishlist - what I'm loving this month

Hi everyone

So unless your a duck you might be finding that the weather is letting you down a bit and it very tempting as I sit her under a blanket (IN JUNE) to write summer off all together but that hasn't stopped me from lusting after a whole heap of summer clothes and here are my favourites.

The first place I looked is ASOS I don't actually do much internet shopping I love to actually go and walk around and see clothes in real life but when I do need inspiration I do like ASOS.

The first thing I found was this dress, I really like the denim look and I like the length on this dress as its not too short. It's a really easy wear as well not too fussy and will go with any shoes.

New look is another favourite of mine and they have some beautiful dresses at the moment. I love the colours of this one and the sleeves are beautiful. I genuinely don't know which colour I prefer.


I am also in love with this skirt it's soooooooo beautiful. If they had this in black I would buy it immediately for work as well.

Next I did a little look around Dorothy Perkins and seen as I had to dresses and a skirt decided to browse there tops. I thought this was really pretty, it's pink lace with a slim black bow. I really like that the lace details carries on to the bottom.

Next I got a little more extravagant and went to Ted Baker. I actually found this in the work wear section but it is far to pretty to be cooped up in an office, these colours should be seen surely.

What's fashion bits are you loving right now? Do you have any good reccomendations or bargains?

Thanks for reading.