Saturday, 9 April 2016

My multi masking routine updated - cruelty free

Hi everyone

You will proberley know by now that I love to mask and I'm constantly on the look out for new types of masks. I have 3 new masks today that I'm looking forward to telling you about. I use my masks about twice a week, normally after my shower as I feel that this is best for really deep clean. I use each mask for a different reason which I why I don't feel guilty about getting 3. So let me show you my mask and how I use them.

Firstly it's the De stressing mud mask. This is so good for days when I have really oily skin, particularly around my nose and chin. It really draws out any impurities so I would highly recommend this for blemish prone skin. It is a little bit drying so I would avoid using on any areas of the skins that are dryer.

Next I have the Superdrug Super Fruits Clay mask. This is creamier than the clay mask but still really good for oily skin and breakouts. I would use this all over my face as it is not too drying. It smells lovely as well for a mask it's fruity and fresh.

Last but not least the prettiest one, it's the Yogurt Smoothie mask. It's more for what would be classed as 'normal skin' a really bad description I think as what is normal but to me this would be skin that is not too oily or too dry. I use this on days when I don't have breakouts.

What is your multi mask routine? Do you have an recommendations, I would love to hear.

Thanks for reading.