Saturday, 9 April 2016

My cruelty free shower gels

Hi everyone

I love Original Source products, they come in so many different scents and textures including washes and scrubs but best of all they are cruelty free Vegan products. I normally go for the Vanilla and Strawberry or the peachy scents but I decided to try something different this time so here are my new shower gels. I have the Strawberry and Pink Peppercorns and the Cherry and Nettle.

So I am presently surprised by both of these, they have a much richer smell and I want to say more earthy than my normal ones such as the strawberry and vanilla which is almost sickly sweet (I do love it though). I thought I would be put off by the peppercorn in the Strawberry one and the Nettle in the cherry but I didn't even know they were there.

I feel that the smell lasted really well on the skin and smelled really lovely. One thing I would say is that be careful to wash it off really well as I wore a white top once and it had a very slight purple tinge on the shoulder (whoops). I think this is because these 2 are a thicker texture than the other Original Source shower gels which I really like as it means you use less. Often with Original Source I find they slide off my hands in the shower and I use too much.

All in all I was really surprised at how much I liked these shower gel scents and I will most certainly berepurchasing  these again. They are also very in expensive at 95p from Superdrug.

Thanks for reading