Saturday, 28 November 2015

What Ive been grateful for this week

Hi everyone

Hope you've all had a good weekend

Its time to fill my happy box. 

To remind you what I'm talking about see my blog 'The Happy box'. It's 3 things each week that have made me smile :)

1. Dr Oetker Shimmer spray

I haven't used this yet but seeing this in the shop reminded me firstly of cake and that's always good and secondly of Christmas. I love anything glitter!

2. Winter Walks

Now wet muddy paws and cold rainy weather may not sounds like something to be grateful for but seeing my doggie happy tramping through the mud is enough to make anyone smile. It's also really good for blowing those central heating cobwebs away.

3. Family achievements

Now no this is not a member of my family but it's a picture I sent to my sister when she made captain of her equestrian team and its make me very proud to see her achieving and enjoying a sport. 

What are you happy about and grateful for this week?