Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Hi everyone

Hope you are all doing well.

Today I wanted to talk to you about skincare. It's was one of the most important things for me when I decided to go cruelty free. It's really important to me to keep my skin clean and fresh especially after a long day at work. Two of my favourites products for this is the Simply Pure foaming cleanser and refreshing tonor both from Superdrug.

I have always used a wash off cleanser on my face rather than a cream. I have oily combination skin so find that a wash off cleanser give me a much fresher feeling. You only need a pea size amount of the cleanser, it's very smooth and removes make up including water proof mascara really well. I use it once in the morning and twice at night to remove my make up and then wash my face.

Next up is Tonor, this is something I have always struggled with I always find it makes my face feel dry or the opposite end of the scale, greasy. So far I have been using the Simply Pure tonor for aprox 4 months and its one of the best I have found. It's not greasy at all and as long as I follow up with moisturiser it doesn't leave my face dry or sore. I would reccomend this product to anyone struggling with there skincare.

Next up in my routine is moisturiser. I have 3 that I use everyday. 

The first one is my day moisturiser and I am nearly ready to repurchase. My current day moisturiser is by Skin System which I picked up at my local supermarket. This is a new product I have picked up last month and Im a little unsure. Its quite thick like a night cream but it has SPF in so its a day cream. It has grown on me, I have found that it soaks in well and it doesn't leave a greasy residue like some moisturisers with SPF. However pay day is just around the corner so I think I might just keep my options open.

Simply Pure light moisturiser is a good faithful, repurchase every month moisturiser. At night I don't want any SPF as it clogs the pores. I am a big fan of this product It rubs in well, no fragrance, it doesn't make me break out and it really soothes my skin. All in all a really good basic to have in.

The last moisturiser I want to talk about is my eye cream. I have been using a new product recently called Nspa Youthful Eye Cream. There is a 4 step range covering all skincare but so far I've only tried the eye cream.

This is by far my favourite product I'm talking about today. It's creamy but also very light and soaks in so well. I can feel the difference in my eyes after using it I feel less puffy and the skins feel lovely and smooth. Thumbs up from me!

Thank you again for reading, hope you enjoyed and I hope it helps you when looking for cruelty free skincare.

Have a great week!