Friday, 20 November 2015

Scrub your troubles away

Happy Friday!

Friday is officially my favourite day and today happens to be the best Friday of the month....... PAYDAY yeaaaaaaa! So in honour of this most special of Friday's I took a bit of a detour home and treated myself to some 'Good Things' ...literally!

This is the Good Things Spa Argan Oil Restoring body scrub and by Friday I don't know about you but I need restoring!

I spotted this product firstly because of the massive 'FREE FROM' sign on the front of the product and anything 'free from' gets my attention. I wish more products followed suit as it would save me a considerable amount of time trawling the small print on bottles on every shopping trip. All the Good Things Spa products are free from animal ingredients ( suitable for vegans) as well as sulphites, parables and mineral oils.

It also smells fantastic! I can't quite pin point the smell as it contains Walnut and coccoa butter which both smell great on there own but together YUM! I don't know if I should describe a non food as yum but hay ho.

I can't wait to use this and literally scrub the week away!

I'd love to hear what you have treated yourselves to this week/month, comment below and let me know

Happy Friday everyone 

AKL. xx