Saturday, 28 November 2015

Scrub a dub dub one one women in a ....... Shower

Hi everyone

Hope you are all having a lovely day

Now as much a I love the idea of a nice long relaxing soak in the bath realistically time lends itself better to a shower but that doesn't mean it can't be luxurious and smell just as sweet.

With that in mind I decided to pick up some new shower products. All of these are from the 'I love range' and while I found these at Superdrug I've also since spotted them at various supermarkets. 

I couldn't decide which scent I liked as as these are on 3 for £5 it would be rude not to got for 3. So I purchased the pale pink one which is Strawberries and Cream and smells like a ice cream Sunday. The darker pick one which is Raspberries and Blackberries and doesnt smell any less amazing. Finally the orange one which is Mango and Papaya. I'm more of a berries fan than Orange but it still smells very good. There are also huge and so should last ages.

I can't wait to use them but which first that is the question? Decisions decisions!