Friday, 20 November 2015

Sunday morning

Hi everyone 

As my last blog was the 'before' it is only appropriate that I do an 'after' and actually im please to report no sore head. Im a bit sleepy and my feet could do with a good massage but surely that is a sign of a good night right?

So I thought to myself seen as I'm feeling ok why not go the extra mile and mask!

Today I've chosen 2 because like most of you the skin on my face behaves differently on different parts (good one face)!

I've gone for the anti ageing moisture mask from Superdrug which promises to give me a younger looking complexion and is designed for normal to dry skin. I wouldn't normally describe my skin as dry but after a night on the tiles a bit of extra moisture can't hurt. It is full of antioxidant rich ingredients including Raspberries, Blueberries, Cranberries and Vitamin E and I apply this on my forehead, nose and cheeks (avoiding my eye area).

Then I put a purifying mask on my chin where I get breakouts. This mask, also from Superdrug, contains Witch Hazel and is designed for oily and blemish prone skin.

I've included in my picture one other mask that I got which I didn't use which is a destressing mud mask and by the looks of the picture is green. This one contains Avocado Oil, Green Tea and Aloe Vera (the colour now makes sense). This one is for normal to combination skin. I'll let you know about this one the next time I need a bit of destressing.

Let me know your choice of masks, leave me a comment or a recommendation.

AKL xx