Saturday, 28 November 2015

Prime time - my favourite Barry M primers

,Hi there everyone

It's new purchase time! This time it's primers.

First things first I need to comment on the colours, now I know that they actually serve a practical purpose but I love the neon orange, purple and green. When I look in my make up bag there are a lot of nudes, throw in these and they really brighten my day.

That said lets get down to the practicalities.

The green primer is the Barry M Flawless Colour Corrector which is designed for anti redness, pore minimising, smoothing and matifying. I choose this one for the anti redness. For those of you who have breakout you will know that this can make you skin red and often applying blemish treatments can get rid of the spot is but also add to that redness so this primer is prefect for applying on areas where you get breakouts.

The purple primer is the Barry M flawless brightening primer which is designed to brighten dull skin, minis pores,smoothes and matifying. I decided to buy this one as well as the winter often drys out my skin leaving it dull.

So effectively I'm multi priming. One thing they have in common is that they are really silky on the face which is really good for sensitive faces. They both also contain Vitamin E which is really good for the skin.

I haven't tried many Barry M product before these but I'm very impressed and so will be repurchasing these and probably many other Barry M items.

Have a great weekend!