Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Hi everyone

I regularly see wish list posts on blogs so I thought I would do one myself. I've gone for a very affordable Wishlist so I surpose you could actually call it a shopping list but hay ho here goes.

I've got to go with Lush first of course - would you expect anything less? These are the Golden egg bath bombs. I literally love these they just look amazing, not good for before work maybe as they are covered in glitter but amazing for an extra special bath time at £3.95 it's a bit of a treat but still affordable.

Another bath products but I just couldn't resist, it's the Lush bunch of carrots bath product, they are cute. At £6,25 it's more of a treat so mabye a one off pay day treat.

Next I'm moving shops over to Superdrug and it's the B. Defined eyebrow kit. I've put down the light one for me as it is my colours bu they do a darker one as well. This one is £9.99. 

Next is my most expensive item, its the POP EAU DE PARFUM 30ML at £42. Stella Mcartney purfume is cruelty free so any of her purfume appeal to me. This is one to save for.

My next product is e.l.f. Studio Aqua Beauty Primer Mist which costs £9.00. I'm really interested in a primer most as I've only ever had a cream primer.

Next might be the prettiest of all my Wishlist, it's the studio face shimmer asked highlighter.

I've loved making this Wishlist, mabye next time I'll make a high end one. What's on your Wishlist?

Thanks for reading.


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