Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Empties and favourites for March

Hi everyone

So I am massively late with this post but I really wanted to do it still. These are all my empties from March. I had to go through them because for the most part they also make up my favourites so I thought I would combine the 2. So here they all are.

I've got to start off with Lush first and it is the H'Suan Wen Hua hair treatment. The difference in my hair is amazing when I use this I really like it. It is a very creamy and smells lovely, for me it goes down too quick but that's only because I love it. I would most certainly recommend this product if you want an intense treatment to get dry hair shining again.

Next I have the Jersey Bounce, also a hair product. I love the name of this and I love the product just as much. It contains sea salt and it sort of exfoliates your scalp which leaves my hair bouncy and with more volume. It also contains lemon and so it smells amazing.

Sticking with Lush but moving on to face creams and I am literally in mourning for these 2 they are so good but are very pricey. They are the Vanishing cream and the Cosmetic lad, they both contain Lavender and so smell amazing but the reason I love them is because they are so soothing on the face, they sink into the skin without leaving any greasy residue and if I have any redness or any breakouts they soothe them without being too harsh. It's my birthday coming soon so mabye I'll buy myself a birthday present. 

This is the last Lush item I promise and it's The Olive Branch shower gel. I'm not sure about this one to be honest. I loved it while it lasted but it went so quick. It was so runny that I used too much product each time so as much as I love it I think I would go for something like The Comforter again.

Changing the brand here but still one of my favourites, Original source and my favourite scent as well Vanilla and Raspberry. It's creamy and it just smells like you want to put in on a dessert and eat it.

So I think my next one has featured in many a post but still warrants a mention, this is the Superdrug Simply Pure Foaming facial wash. I recently tried the same brand but in the gel and it just wasn't as good so I've gone back to what I know and got the foaming face wash.

Throw back to my Christmas gifts and it's the Bayliss and Harding shower wash and shower creme. This is so random but they are also nostalgic when I look at them. This isn't a brand I really buy myself as I often only see them only if gift packs but I am on the look out as I really like them. The wash was my favourite as it meant I didn't use so much product.

Last but not least are my staples, I'm never far from these products. The Superdrug Coconut and Sweat Armond shampoo and conditioner. This is my favourite scent and the creamiest of them. It's really moisturising and leaves my hair smelling lovely, best of all it is very inexpensive. 

So there we go my combined favourites and empties. Sorry that they are so late.

Thanks for reading.