Saturday, 13 August 2016

Essential oils and rescue remedies

Hi everyone

Over the last year or so I have found work quite stressful it's been a mixture of good and bad stress but stress is stress and has a negative effect on me.

Stress can affect your sleep pattern, your appearance and all in all your health. So I started to look for things that may help, it had to be quite quick fixes, something that I could carry in my bag or keep in my bedside table. So here is what I found...

The first thing is the Tisserand Lavender Essential oil.

Lavender is really good at calming you down and relieving the thoughts that can run through your head when stressed. Lavender can also reduce anxiety and emotional stress, it can improve sleep which in itself relieves stress or at least gives you a fighting chance at facing the day, it can also help with stress headaches. 

I use this in my wrists when I get in bed and it's not overwhelming but I can smell Lavender and I do think this helps me sleep better.

Lavender also works really well on pimples (not as an essential oil itself but in creams) and Lush do some amazing moisturisers contains Lavender.

Next I gave the Tisserand De stress Aromatherpy roller ball. As you can see it says it is perfect for hectic moments.

It contains jojoba oil and smells lovely, slightly stronger than the Lavender but lovely still. I use this one in the day such as before interviews or big meetings or even just on busy days. It is very slightly greasy and takes a little longer to soak in that the Lavender so I think if I got it again I would chose a dropper mabye.

Last but not least is Bach Rescue Remedy. This is a massive life saver for times when you really need to calm down and be at your best. The ingredients are thing I hadn't really heard of before so here is a bit of an explanation off the website:

Impatiens: For those who act and think quickly, and have no patience for what they see as the slowness of others. They often prefer to work alone. Teaches empathy and understanding of and patience with others. Very fast-acting in alleviating an impatient attitude and lowering stress.

Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock, whether experienced recently or in the past. Teaches the ability to recover from traumas and to integrate them into the present life.

Cherry Plum: For those who fear losing control of their thoughts and actions and doing things they know are bad for them or which they consider wrong. Teaches trust in one’s spontaneous wisdom and the courage to follow one’s path.

Rock Rose: For situations in which one experiences panic or terror.

Clematis: For those who find their lives unhappy and withdraw into fantasy worlds. They are ungrounded and indifferent to the details of everyday life. Teaches one to establish a bridge between the physical world and the world of ideas; may foster great creativity. Is also used to bring clarity and alertness to the present moment.

I have used this a number of times for interviews or even funerals. I would highly reccomend this.

If you google stress it advises you to do this like exercise, eat well, get plenty of sleep and avoid caffeine. These above product certain don't replace any of those good tips but can work alongside as an aid.

Thanks for reading.